Whitepaper – Managing and Securing the Multi-Browser Enterprise

Executive Summary

Today’s web technology promises standards-based websites and web applications that can work in any modern browser. For many organizations, the wave of technological change to meet this promise comes with a new set of challenges. While organizations want to improve productivity and please users with new business applications which use modern browsers, existing, expensive and business-critical applications still require a specific browser to function.

This conundrum has caused many enterprises to compromise on both browser compatibility and security by standardizing on a single browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer, for their Windows systems. By forcing everyone to use only Internet Explorer because of web application compatibility, IT is taking unnecessary risks on network security and forgoing innovations that can improve business productivity. Overcoming these issues is what drives IT to deploy and tightly manage multi-browser PC environments in forward-looking organizations.

This paper will examine these issues in detail, providing a compelling case for not only proactively deploying multiple browsers in the enterprise, but also managing and securing this environment with Browsium Catalyst.


Download the complete whitepaper in PDF format (582KB).

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