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I’ve been fortunate to have been part of several successful startups and early www companies so I’ve been through several product launches, but it’s never felt as good as this time to say “We’ve shipped.”

Looking back, it’s been about a year since the first idea for UniBrows. It started with a belief that there was a better way to help companies adopt new browser and web technologies while not having to ‘forklift upgrade’ core parts of their infrastructure. A short time later it was over a bacon doughnut that Matthew Crowley and I sat down in a coffee shop over a napkin drawing of the concept that would become UniBrows. There were countless nights of coding and building slide decks, then a (very satisfying) deluge of customer inquiries following our coverage in Computerworld and Information Week. Matthew and I met with dozens of customers at all hours of the day and night, and along the way we’ve been fortunate enough to hire several great team members to help grow Browsium.

It has been worth every minute of it and Matthew and I gratefully thank the many companies and people who have provided us feedback over the course of the past few months. On behalf of Matthew, myself and the rest of the Browsium team I am happy to say we’ve finally made it. UniBrows v1 is now available for free evaluation and for sale!

Be sure to get your free 60-day eval kit today. And while you’re here, give the press release a read.


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