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Press Release: UniBrows 1.2 Now Available

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Browsium Releases UniBrows 1.2 with New Features to Relieve Enterprises of Their Dependence on IE6 for Business-Critical Web Applications

UniBrows 1.2 adds support for running legacy Siebel CRM installations on IE8 and Windows 7, along with new features to improve web application compatibility and ease deployment

REDMOND, WA — July 18, 2011 — Browsium Inc. today announced the release of UniBrows 1.2, the newest version of Browsium’s enterprise software solution that enables millions of valuable IE6-dependent line of business applications to run inside IE8 and IE9, paving the way for large-scale enterprise migration to Windows 7.

First released in March of this year, UniBrows is a lightweight Internet Explorer add-on that is easy and inexpensive to deploy, requiring no new infrastructure and no servers. UniBrows 1.2 builds on the extensive capabilities of earlier versions, now enabling popular legacy enterprise applications like Siebel CRM to run in IE8 on Windows XP or Windows 7, along with a host of new features that promise to improve IE8 and IE9 compatibility for a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf IE6-dependent enterprise applications.

“The clock is ticking toward the end of Microsoft support for Windows XP, fueling exponential growth in interest in solutions to IE6-dependence in the enterprise,” said Matt Heller, founder and CEO of Browsium. “With each new UniBrows release we expand the supported applications and scenarios, enabling a new wave of organizations to extend the life of existing line of business web applications as they upgrade to Windows 7.”

New features in UniBrows 1.2 include:

  • Legacy IE6 Engine Settings to support Siebel and Jinitiator applications.
  • Custom Script Injection, enabling IT admins to place JavaScript code onto webpages before they’re interpreted by the browser. This feature adds another layer of remediation to the Browsium Continuity technology stack, allowing administrators or remediation consultants to mitigate JavaScript (and, through script, HTML and CSS) bugs without modifying the original page content on a server.
  • Optimized Memory Usage to free up unused memory faster and more reliably, enhancing long-term performance on older computers and virtual machines.
  • UniBrows Context Menu Handler can now be turned off for a specific profile, allowing web applications to override the webpage context menu using JavaScript.
  • Command Line Scripts improves compatibility with Windows Terminal Services by allowing scripts to run after the UniBrows Controller and engines start.
  • A Loading Page is now shown between the initial request and the display of a webpage, providing users with visual feedback of progress when accessing websites over slow connections.

UniBrows 1.2 Availability

UniBrows 1.2 is available now. Customers who are currently deploying or evaluating version 1.1 will receive an email with instructions to download version 1.2. New customers and channel partners are encouraged to visit the Browsium website at to learn more about the product and download the free UniBrows 60-day Evaluation Kit.


About Browsium, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Browsium Inc. creates enterprise-ready software solutions, enabling organizations to extend the life of existing line of business web applications as they deploy new operating systems and browser platforms to their client PCs. Browsium’s first product, UniBrows, promises to revolutionize browser compatibility be allowing legacy IE6-dependent web applications to run on Windows 7 and IE8 on Windows XP without modifying a single line of code.



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