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Browsium Executive Overview provides browser management platform primer

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Web browsers are a critical component of modern IT infrastructure. Many existing business applications run in a browser, with more moving to the cloud every day, yet the tools to manage browsers have not kept pace. Today’s rapidly changing operating system and browser environments bring with them complex and costly application compatibility and security issues – issues that must be addressed to keep those business-critical applications running. This leaves IT organizations, like yours, with the challenge of cost-effectively managing web browsers throughout the enterprise. Some of the obstacles you’ll encounter include:

  • Migrating to modern browsers without breaking critical applications and disrupting workflow
  • Support for new applications with modern browser requirements
  • Java version management and securing “zero-day” Java exploits
  • Managing multi-browser PC environments, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Allocating sufficient staff and budget to complete migration projects on time
  • Keeping step with ever-changing browser features and security

Read the Browsium Executive Overview to learn how our browser management platform delivers essential browser compatibility, security, and control to enterprises like yours. This easy-to-read 2-page PDF provides a brief overview of our solutions. It’s designed to help you make the case to use Browsium Ion and Catalyst in your organization, so please share it with your IT management and your CIO.


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