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Update to Group Policy Extension Strings

Applies To:

All versions of Browsium Client for customers using Group Policy to install/enable the Chrome and/or Chromium Edge extension.


We have moved the XML and CRX files for the Chrome and Chromium Edge extensions to a new, high availability location. You can find the extension id/URL pair for your specific version of the Browsium Client in the table below.

Client Version ExtensionID/URL Pair
4.8.2 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.8.1 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.8.0 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.7.1 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.7.0 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.6.3 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.6.2 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.6.1 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.6.0 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.5.0 pdphfkkbpakmngokamdgaomjnffoipca;
4.4.2 hapohonmkgjaeinnoibbjanenodbdlpd;
4.4.0 hapohonmkgjaeinnoibbjanenodbdlpd;
4.3.1 ncopbgfhmondhmdfjcgecnhoekbghpfc;
4.3.0 ncopbgfhmondhmdfjcgecnhoekbghpfc;
4.2.3 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.2.2 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.2.1 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.2.0 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.1.1 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.1.0 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.0.1 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;
4.0.0 iapbdaakcebmklnakcpgbnlfldebnkag;

Catalyst 3.x Extension:

Client Version ExtensionID/URL Pair
3.2.1 nfhhihlhepgakhgnijobelmpacmhgnid;
3.2.0 nfhhihlhepgakhgnijobelmpacmhgnid;
3.1.2 nfhhihlhepgakhgnijobelmpacmhgnid;
3.1.1 nfhhihlhepgakhgnijobelmpacmhgnid;
3.1.0 nfhhihlhepgakhgnijobelmpacmhgnid;
3.0.0 nfhhihlhepgakhgnijobelmpacmhgnid;


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