Increase Efficiency

As your organization depends more and more on complex and interdependent browser-based applications to run your business, IT efficiency and user productivity can suffer.

When you deeply understand your browser environment, and work to manage it, you achieve efficiencies that free up resources and improve your company’s bottom-line. And the more resources you free up, the more you can invest in your next value-add IT initiative.

Browsium customers around the world have been improving their efficiency, and here are some of the ways you can too.

How Browsium Software Improves Your Efficiency

User Productivity

  • Reduces IT downtime with browser environment data for better IT improvement planning
  • Helps avoid unnecessary help desk calls about web application compatibility issues
  • Ensures the most compatible browser is used for each application, improving productivity
  • Monitors and helps troubleshoot/improve application performance
  • Helps reduces end user distraction by tracking recreational internet use

IT Services

  • Reduces risk of IT downtime by providing browser environment analytics to help plan and manage migrations/upgrades
  • Unblocks stalled migrations with data to identify issues
  • Monitors deployment success with web application analytics
  • Extends life of legacy software by enabling it to work in modern browsers
  • Plan continual service improvement with improved data
  • Improves service desk response with detailed information about web application use and performance

Why Wait!

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Learn how Browsium software can also save money and improve security.

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