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The dominance of browser-based applications running your organization comes at a cost. If you don’t proactively manage these complex applications and their dynamic browser environment, costs will increase and money will be wasted.

Browsium’s browser management software delivers browser and web application telemetry and control, so you can save time and money.

How Browsium Software Saves You Money 


  • Unused software so it can be eliminated
  • Unnecessary hardware and cloud services to eliminate
  • All SaaS application usage so you can seek volume discounts


  • Time gathering and analyzing application usage data
  • Time to obtain accurate compliance and audit information
  • Unnecessary help desk calls about application performance or compatibility issues
  • Blocked or stalled migrations and upgrades, saving human resources
  • Software expenses and training time by extending the life of legacy software

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You have better ways to spend your IT budget. Schedule time to learn about your browser environment. Contact [email protected], we’ll be glad to help. Then you can start making plans for all the money you will save.

Learn how Browsium software can also improve security and increase efficiency.

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