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Gone are the days when most business applications existed in the isolation of a client/server environment. The new IT landscape comes with on-premises and cloud-based web applications that have open, versatile, and dynamic architectures running in ever-changing browsers. While the functionality of these applications seems almost limitless, the security threats to your organization are compounded by the loose security setting some of these applications require.

Customers of all sizes use Browsium software to improve browser security and detect cloud activity.

How Browsium Software Improves Your Security

  • Detects vulnerable components (Java and Active X) – so they can be managed or removed to reduce attack surface
  • Enables Java management – you can optimize for security and compatibility
  • Detects shadow IT activity at the department-level – provides the data and insights necessary to develop a management plan
  • Zero-day response planning – multi-browser management enables switching to a secure browser in the event of an exploit

Why Wait!

You don’t need to compromise security in your browser environment. Scheduling time with the Browsium team is the quickest way to start improving your security profile. Contact [email protected], we’ll be glad to help.

Learn how Browsium software can also save money and increase efficiency.

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