Migration and Compatibility

How can you keep up with constant stream of upgrades and still keep applications running?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re on a technology treadmill. Migrating browsers without down-time or compromising compatibility, while maintaining mission-critical legacy applications, is essential for you to keep pace with ever-changing technology. Even Java, which promised ‘write-once, run-anywhere’ has turned into a management nightmare, with new, more-secure versions breaking old applications, and no ability to run multiple versions side-by-side in your browser.

With the appropriate Browsium module from our browser management suite you can move forward with new technology and overcome common barriers such as:

ChallengeBrowsium ModuleFunctionality
IE11 Migration
We’re beginning our migration to IE11, but are blocked by mission-critical web applications that don’t work properly in the new browser. Upgrading or replacing them is not feasible due to cost and time constraints.
Proton inventories all web applications, browsers, and add-ons and presents data in a graphical dashboard. This granular data, with line-item detail, helps identify web application compatibility issues and facilitate migration.

Ion unblocks migrations by enabling incompatible legacy IE-dependent line-of-business web applications to run in modern versions of Internet Explorer, such as IE11. Ion gives enterprise IT granular control of their browser environments, optimizing both legacy and modern web application compatibility and security.

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Application Remediation (Compatibility)
We use an old version of Siebel CRM which works great in IE8, but it’s failing constantly in IE11. We’re planning an eventual move to a SaaS-based CRM but that will take years to implement. How can we migrate to IE11 today and keep using the CRM system, along with other mission-critical business applications our business relies on?
IonIon enables legacy IE-dependent line of business applications, such as Siebel CRM, to run in IE11, without rewriting applications or installing expensive and complex virtualization solutions.
Web Application Maintenance & Optimization
Every month we’re forced to patch our operating systems, browsers, and even Java. These patch cycles impact our web applications and pose a huge risk to our business. We can’t maintain a clear picture of which web applications are used and likely to be affected by these patches. We need a tool that can give this visibility, help us prioritize our regression testing, and reduce the overall burden of monthly patches.
ProtonYou can’t prioritize your patch cycle regression testing if you don’t know what web applications are running and which are most critical. Proton provides a near real-time view of your web application environment, including use by application, add-on, version, department, and user. These analytics enable IT teams to make better business decisions ensuring mission-critical web applications run smoothly during frequent OS, browser, and Java patching cycles.

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You can deliver next-generation browser applications to your enterprise, without compromising compatibility, or exposing your organization to the 10 hidden IT risks.

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