Security and Compliance

How can you protect your IT environment from security vulnerabilities and be ready for the next alert?

Your browser environment is complex and at times can become perilous. Insecure add-ons like Java and ActiveX controls, zero-day exploits and reporting software data keeps you on the run. Your enterprise can’t afford the exposure. The appropriate Browsium module from our browser management suite can help you address security questions such as:

ChallengeBrowsium ModuleFunctionality
Java/ActiveX Management
Our organization uses a variety of web applications that rely on different, and often quite old, versions of Java. How can we control which version of Java is used for each web application and still stay secure with the most current, patched version of Java as the default?
Proton tracks Java and ActiveX version and usage details to identify risks. Instantly see if legacy versions are being used by websites outside of your control.

Ion enables IT to manage multiple versions of Java on end user PCs. Older versions of Java can be isolated for use only by web applications you control, providing improved compatibility and security, as the current, most secure version is used by default.

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Security Compliance Reporting
My organization is responsible for reporting compliance data for my company. However, I have no visibility into the web applications, security settings, or cloud data transfers across our organization. What tools can help me do my job?
ProtonProton serves as a regulatory compliance and security reporting tool by validating effective security settings and displaying web application usage data for your intranet and the Internet at large.
IT Security
IT security is of paramount importance in my corporation, but web browsers are a gigantic blind spot for our organization. We have no visibility into what sites users visit or what vulnerable legacy technologies (such as Java versions and ActiveX Controls) are used on those sites.
Proton reduces attack surfaces by enabling IT to correlate and manage web applications, browsers, and add-ons. It identifies unused applications and browser add-ons, such as older or unused versions of Java and ActiveX controls, enabling IT to reduce security exposure without guessing or impacting business productivity.

Ion enables an organization-wide upgrade to a modern, secure browser. Use of legacy IE modes, settings, and add-ons can be contained to only websites under your control – all other sites are rendered with the most current, secure settings.

Learn how browser management can also help you with Discovery and Rationalization and Migration and Compatibility, or take a look at our complete list of common browser challenges and Browsium solutions.

You can deliver next-generation browser applications to your enterprise, without compromising compatibility, or exposing your organization to the 10 hidden IT risks.

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