The Key to Controlling the New Nerve Center of Your Enterprise


As you have experienced, business operations have moved from packaged executables running natively on the OS to a set of disconnected, but hyper-dependent, applications compiled by the browser in real-time. Traditional desktop and network management tools cannot detect and manage the activity inside your browser. Your browser environment, or ‘new nerve center’, needs management solutions specifically designed to manage its unique challenges.

What the Browser Management Suite Does for You

Addressing legacy web applications during a migration to IE11 and managing Java are only part of what our browser management suite can do for you. By providing crystal-clear visibility into the ‘browser blind spot’ that traditional tools are not designed to detect, Browsium delivers a solution tailored to the unique environment of browser-based, enterprise web applications. Our solution provides the ability to analyze and manage your enterprise environment, from discovery to action, for everything browser-based within and outside the enterprise.

Browser Management Suite Modules

Browsium’s software suite includes three modules, Proton, Ion, and Catalyst, which are designed for you to use together or independently. They enable browser-based legacy, modern, and cloud business applications to work seamlessly together, decoupling dependencies, eliminating operational risk, reducing your security exposure, and shortening deployment cycles. All three modules share a unified Browsium Client to ease enterprise deployment and provide an efficient and performant client experience.

Browsium Browser Management Suite
  • Proton

    Proton is a latency-free, integrated discovery and analytics tool that gives you the complete picture of end-user browser activities, requirements, and dependencies — allowing you to see through the blind spots that give rise to security risks, blocked migrations, and under/over-utilized software licenses.

  • Ion

    Ion is a web application remediation and Java management solution for your enterprise. It solves the Internet Explorer browser migration challenges you face when upgrading operating systems and browsers and/or deploying new web applications.

  • Catalyst

    Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager, pairing web applications with the most compatible and secure browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. With Catalyst, you can quickly support business needs for HTML5 and SaaS-based applications by adding a second, modern browser to your existing desktop environment.

You can deliver next-generation browser applications to your enterprise, without compromising compatibility, or exposing your organization to the 10 hidden IT risks.

Get started by taking Proton for an online test drive. It’s fast and free – with no software to install.

You can also learn more in our browser management primer. This short paper explains the IT management gap that has given rise to the critical need for browser management software tools in the enterprise.

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